Vi racconterò una storia, una storia che necessita di essere guardata, le immagini parleranno per me e di me, aprendo le frontiere a nuove esperienze sensoriali. Ho creato un progetto unico: unico per proposta, unico per tipologia di superfici, unico per gusto. Unico perché ha un’anima non pura, ma contaminata trasversalmente dal haute-cuture, dai viaggi, dal sapore della vita e dei colori in un continuo divenire. C’è un tempo per creare, un tempo per esprimersi, un tempo per progettare e uno per vivere. Ogni attimo però è quello giusto per emozionare. Il mondo è sempre più un grande brodo dove tutto si combina e dove l’abilità consiste nel captare aggregazioni mai prese in considerazione prima. L’universo, il mondo di cui facciamo esperienza, la vita umana sono in continua trasformazione e tutto ciò che l’uomo produce, anche il design, merita di appartenere a questa evoluzione. Mi paragono spesso ad un sarto, colui che entrando a fondo nella cultura del cliente, cerca di interpretarlo al meglio ed è in grado di cucirgli addosso un abito capace di rappresentarlo in maniera eccelsa. Se sarete degli abili osservatori, sarete proiettati in luoghi immensi, travolti nelle mie fantasie, nel mistero e nella magia: Le immagini e i decori prenderanno il posto delle parole per raccontare una storia sempre diversa.

Bulbo's vision is a multidisciplinary method that involves decorative arts, interior and product design, contemporary experimentation and craftsmanship, putting its creative vision at the service of customers and companies. Attention to detail and a constant dialogue between contemporary and codes linked to tradition distinguish his projects. The ceramic slab becomes Keramite, a blank canvas on which to paint beauty and emotion with a new exclusive technology that allows you to achieve chromatic results that are clearly superior to what is currently on the market. To the touch Keramite gives the softness and silky warmth of soft-touch and thanks to the technological peculiarities of our system combined with the organoleptic characteristics of the crypto-crystals, it is possible to adjust the degree of gloss of the surface going from an enveloping ultra-opaque to the austere and luxurious style of polished polish, to continue with astonishing metallic effects and to finally culminate in the creation of micro-textures in relief that give life to the material. A canvas of emotions that transforms surfaces into avant-garde design accessories: this is Bulbo.

The 3 Dogmas of Bulbo


All our collections can be customized in the formats and graphic proportions requested by you.


The perimeter cut and the waste resulting from cutting the slab have no surcharge: YOU PAY FOR THE ACTUAL M² PURCHASED.


Don't like our collections?
We carry out your graphic design based on your drawing.

BULBO launches its visionary project on the market, stories of sensorial experiences, of travels, of feelings, of moods: many ideas and suggestions to transform in a way the spaces we live in are magical and exciting. Our in-house design studio can tailor designs - simple trimming to size to fit a special wall, panoramic fit or exclusive creations, holding taking into account structural and technical constraints. We work closely with interior designers, architects, hospitality professionals for create unique decorations; for more personal projects, our in-house creative studio can propose exclusive designs. The graphics can be installed following differentiated patterns, which move away from the assumption of repetitive patterns, demonstrating the desire to give a creative identity to the product and therefore to the project itself.

The first goal is to overcome the chronological story and intercept, trying to tell it, that mental process that leads us every day to be visionaries: our whole production cycle is with water-based products and the very nature of all the products is such that guarantee the absence of emissions of polluting substances. A fundamental added value is the patented application of a nano polymeric top-coating antibacterial and antiviral which guarantees a germ and bacteria-free surface for years also against Sars Covid-19. Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity allows the Company to go beyond the traditional barriers between home and spaces: this research has developed characteristic materials that are the key to creating a perfect harmony between the environment and the person.

Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, manual skills and technology, are the combination that characterizes and enhances Bulbo's Italian know-how: elements wisely implemented and guided by human experience to ensure quality, safety, respect for the environment and people.